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Inter Account Consulting LLC Skopje is a Company that offers its current and future clients a wide range of services and solutions for all kinds of issues related to administrative, accounting and legal activities.

Pursuant to the Law on Accountancy, our Company is licensed to perform accounting activities and is registered in the Institute of Accountants and Authorized Accountants of the Republic of North Macedonia. Moreover, Inter Account Consulting is a full member of the Chamber of Accountants of the Union of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce.

Our offer includes a wide range of professional services in the field of material and financial accounting, taxes, finance, including planning, organization and control, as well as operational execution thereof. We offer services for small, medium and large enterprises, individuals and sole traders, companies with foreign capital, foreign representative offices, non-profit organizations and civic associations.

For the processing of the business documentation and management of all business areas and functions within the entities, we use professional accounting software that is regularly upgraded to include all emerging legal changes.

For successful implementation of the legal regulations, we regularly attend seminars and trainings in the field of financial accounting, finance, international accounting standards and international standards for financial reporting, taxes, commercial law, labor relations, etc.



Our company employs experienced, licensed, certified accountants with over 15 years of working experience, ready to answer all your questions.


The employees are certified accountants who, beside their experience, regularly attend seminars and trainings in the field of accounting and finance and implement all legal changes.


All your requirements regarding the conduct and functioning of your company are carried out in the shortest possible time.


We are working on the principle of monthly handover of accounting documentation which is updated in only a few days.


Our Company is a registered accounting bureau, e-registration agent for efficient implementation of all registrations and changes in the trade register, e-submission of documentation to all state institutions and consulting companies for success in the economic challenges and prospects in the business community.

We offer the following services:

If you decide to change your current accounting, feel free to ask for help and we will take all the necessary activities to make the change go smooth for you.

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